I read Drag Me Up a couple of months back and have been procrastinating writing a review for it. It's always the best books that are harder to review. And this is definitely one of the best romance books that I've read.

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about Drag Me Up

drag me up book cover

They say he’s a myth...
And Hades prefers it that way. He may do all the work, and Zeus may get all the credit, but at least it allows Hades to preserve the one thing he truly cares to have: his solitude. The mere mention of the Wraith of Khaos Falls is enough to keep order, and he is rarely forced to leave the shadows of Casino Asphodel.

She belongs in the spotlight...
And Persephone clawed her way out of Demeter’s shadow to reach it. Now she’s lead in Calliope’s Cirque production but not without great cost, and there is not enough money in the world to pay off the debt accrued for the simple mistake of trusting Zeus. Though it’s easier to ignore the bars when she still has room to fly.

Landing a residency at the legendary Casino Asphodel is everything she trained for. Meeting a man she’d been convinced didn’t exist? She could never be prepared for that. Hades isn’t prepared for her either, but it’s soon evident they’re a force when together. He gives her a soft place to land, and she makes him want to reach for the stars. But when Zeus ups the stakes, they must be willing to go all in, even if it means coming down from the sky. Or stepping into the light.

Content warnings:  sexual content, bomb blast, mentions of stalking/harassment, manipulative familial relationships, violence.

my review

All I heard about Drag Me Up was that it is a Hades and Persephone romance and that it's the first in a series. I also saw a couple of quotes but that's it. I was not ready for the amazing content that I was in for.

the concept and the setting

This isn't your regular Hades and Persephone retelling. The author has taken ALL of the Greek gods, the relationships between them, the different places, and has made an entirely new world here.

We are in a modernized and more human setting while also having a touch of magic with all the complex political and personal dynamics.

If you have read Percy Jackson books, Madeline Miller books, or know about multiple Greek myths, you'd know how complex and interwoven all of the stories are. We start with ONE story about one god or demi-god and we spiral into dozens of other stories because they are all interlinked.

All of that is seamlessly brought into the Gods of Hunger setting. Generally, having a lot of world-building and setting with tons of characters would take attention away from the main romance. But it was done so well in Drag Me Up.

We get to know about the place they are in, the political relationships, the different gods and who they are in this world without being steered away from the main romance.

The world-building was also understandable. Dealing with many moving parts in the background is hard but it was done well and wasn't confusing.

One thing about the setting that I really loved was how this is in a modernized setting and the "gods" don't have powers, but it still FEELS like there is just something more mysterious and dark. It exists but we don't know about it. The vibe was brought out so well and it was consistent throughout the book.

the characters

I absolutely loved every single character in this book. They were formed and written so well. I loved the badass parts of them, the vulnerable parts, the shy parts, and any other parts. The character building was done skillfully. It was shown through actions and natural dialogues.

Our main stars Hades and Persephone were amazing. Hades is known more through stories than in real life. People fear him and don't understand the man behind the reputation at all. And he prefers it that way. He has a close small circle and just handles things behind the scenes.

This book really goes into Hades's character and the man behind the curtain. Seeing all the sides of him—the leader, the brother, the lover—was so interesting.

Persephone is a talented dancer born to fly. She has struggled to get out of her mother's watchful gaze, even making a bad deal for it, and enjoys her time in the limelight. Her dreams, past, insecurities, and ambitions are brought out really well.

While Hades has his circle and job already set, Persephone is new to the area. We see her make new friends and find—no, make—her place. I really liked seeing that.

All the supporting characters were great too. I love how we got a little focus on them but not too much to derail the romance. But I'm now HEAVILY invested in some of them and need the following books ASAP.

Also, most of the characters are diverse. The book has an almost all-Black cast, Persephone is trans, Hades is demi-sexual, and there are other diverse supporting characters. Love that for us.

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the romance


The first meeting and the first date were amazing. The relationship development was SO GOOD. And the ending was amazing. Everything was A+ and I have zero complaints.

As I said before, even though a lot happens in the book for world-building and individual character development, we never lose the main romance. The relationship between Hades and Persephone is always at the forefront.

I LOVED Hades and Persephone together. The chemistry was shooting metaphorical sparks off the pages. I could feel it. The relationship progression was so good too. It was slow and warm and also very steamy.

They would have these really sweet and tender moments where they learn more about each other and support one another, and a few pages later they'll have the most steamy scenes!!!! It wasn't jarring as well. The progression and change were good every single time.

The explicit scenes in this book were honestly top-notch. The chemistry, the steam, the consideration and tenderness—brilliant.

I will choose you for me every single day, but I will never choose you over me. Not you, and not anyone else.


Drag Me Up was brilliant and I want everyone to read it. Especially romance lovers. If you like romance books and haven't read this, go read it right now. It is definitely a very underrated romance book.

This book delivers on every single aspect and balances all of them so well. And the fact that it is all done in just 229 pages? Amazing. Read it. I loved it so much that it became one of my best books of 2021.

The second book in this series will be out on 30th July so watch out for that as well! I've already preordered it and I can't wait. If you want another book before then, read What Are The Odds? as well. I absolutely loved that book too. Basically, I love everything by this author and will buy all the books without hesitation and you should too.

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Have you read Drag Me Up? Are you going to after reading this post? You HAVE to, okay? Just trust me on this and read it.

Also, what were your favourite romance books this year? Recommend them to me in the comments!

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