I am currently NOT open to review requests.


All reviews on this website (example: of books, Kdramas, and stationery items) contain my own opinions which are not swayed by gifted opportunities. Any partnerships will be clearly disclosed in the post. Read my disclaimer for more info.

I am open to review requests for books, media (such as movies), stationery products, and lifestyle products as these fit my brand. If your product does not fall in these categories and you think it will be a fit for this blog, feel free to reach out.

Note: I review products and media on my own time. A small fee is charged for reviews on a deadline. You can contact me to know my rates (depends on the product and deadline requested).

book review preferences

If you are an author, publisher, or personnel of the publishing industry, please take note of the following before reaching out to me.

I consider myself an own voices reviewer for books with South Asian, Desi, Indian, Hindu, and Brahmin representation.

I reserve the right to criticize and call out any problematic or misinformed content.

Categories I read and review (ordered in high-to-low priority):

  • Adult
  • New Adult

Genres I read and review (my top preferences):

  • Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Literary Fiction

I do not prefer classics and horror fiction.

Formats accepted:

  • Paperback/Hardback copies (keep in mind—I live in India)
  • ebook (.mobi file is preferred but .epub is also fine)

Reviews will be posted on my blog and Goodreads, and will be shared across my social media. Since I’m not a consumer of Amazon.com (I use Amazon.in) I don’t usually post my reviews there unless specifically asked.

If you think your book would be a good fit for me, please contact me and I will be happy to consider reviewing your book.

rating system

Note: this is for books.

Ratings are highly subjective and don't show enough about the book, in my opinion, and hence I don't use star ratings in my book reviews. All the book reviews in this blog don't have ratings mentioned.

I only use ratings in Goodreads and Storygraph to filter for my own purposes.